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Your business's survival is dependant on the continued use or purchase of the products or services you provide your customers. There are two important questions we must know the answers to prior to starting any business.

What problem does your product or service solve and what is your target audience?

How well do your competitors educate your future customers and how do you plan on educating them to spark their interest and over time convince them that you have the solution to their problem?

Business might be doing okay now, but you want it to last a lifetime or atleast until you are able to profit when the time comes to sell.

So how do we solve this? As it was written in 1996, "Content Is King" and always will be.


Elegant themes, catchy slogans with the rhythmic music in the background, fancy colors, luxurious cars and attractive models or eye candy as it is known for....Yes, all of this still works, but it is of no value if your product or service is left out of context and even worse if you are everywhere to be seen except on a cellphone.

Let's use this website for example. It's mobile friendly, one page website, simple yet full of information. The facts are, our clients are not all tech savvy and we have created this visual as a reference point.

Social Media is the new "Marketing King" when it comes to online marketing. A website, yes, we can say it's like High School or maybe even Elementary or Junior High, but if you really want to have a shot at getting the job, aim for the Bachelors diploma on the wall and that's where Social Media stands in the example.


How many users have you already reached out to and what percentage of those users are now your customers? Most business owners do not count their existing customers. With that said, how would we know their reach if there is no track record to even reach out to again for a second or third chance?

In life we all change, needs change, businesses change for better or close their doors and users will always go out in search of a replacement. Let's keep your doors open to catch all those users in need of having their problems solved when their current service or product fails them.

By tracking your users footsteps we can work toward eventually bringing them onboard as your customers. Now, this does not mean we are going to become stalkers of your users, we only track the data they provide us with and use it to gain insight on how to better serve them next time they reach out to you.

what we offer


You've heard of the old school (that still works by the way) sphere of influence, family, friends and relatives and the old word of mouth. Well, oldies but goodies as they are. With the new generations we have lost the key element to these natural forms of advertising and that is "communication". How your users communicate today is not necessarily how you or we were taught. You see, the rectangular devices we now all carry around known as "smartphones" have taught your users that speaking is not always the best way to get in trouble. You're either liked, shared, posted, reposted, twitted, retwitted, tagged, or hashtagged and let's rehash that...this little symbol # known to us as "number" is a very powerful tool most would not imagine the reach it has to many users we only dream of having as followers. Let's keep this one short and not get carried away. Did you see image with the circles and interconnecting lines above this paragraph? Well, let's just say we know how to deal with that so you can focus on greeting your new customers.


What is there to admire or have an attraction to if it doesn't catch our eye? Well yes of course a perfume or cologne in deed...or a foul odor...but in reference to what is visual. Your business's creative logo design should not only be unique, but should also be legible if it is only text. Be careful not to follow the many owners that want to start a business with a distinctive symbol that most will never recognize. Be bold and creative, yet simple and elegant. A perfect logo needs to be followed by the artistic graphics on your storefront, brochures, flyers, posters and now even an email signature and maybe several email template letters to follow...Could a website improve your audience? Which ad material are you lacking and how can we provide our expertise? Don't have a logo or web presence at all? Let's meet with your budget and find out how we can double, eventually triple and overtime multiply your profits.


As is our human nature, we always have and always will want more. More is better, right? As the entrepreneur you are, you will always want more. Therefore, anything we touch is always optimized. Want more customers? Exactly! and so will your future customers, they'll want more of your product or service. We all want an improved version of anything. The bag of our favorite chips needs the lemon and salsa, the cars we drive need the limo tint and nice wheels with the sound system or skip that and upgrade to brighter headlights (or fine tune the engine out of the already factory tuned sports car), no steak without the sauce, no fries without the animal (you can guess the menu on that one), just name anything and we'll customize it to make it better, right? That's exactly what we do to your website. It's not just building the site and handing out cards with your domain name for users to type it in exactly as spelled on the internet browser. To optimize a website means to work through all the time-consuming steps needed to make it "better looking" (physically and internally) than the over 1.8 billion websites that exists and make sure it ranks within the top 10 searches for the same product or service in your area out of thousands of daily searches.

More than just a marketing agency

Most businesses we encounter do not have a system in place or what is also known as a "Business Plan". Our marketing efforts become useless and at a loss to our client if we don't know in what direction the business is headed. You will find most agencies will gladly offer to advertise on your behalf. However, our goal is to first identify if your business needs marketing or whether an internal process needs to be addressed prior to launching a campaign.

How well is your business functioning internally?

Have you unknowingly transitioned from the business owner/manager to an employee of your own business?

Avoid the costly mistake of making emotionally motivated decisions to run your business assuming something will change if you just keep the doors open a little bit longer.

We are here to guide you in setting your business back on track.


We have successfully designed & built businesses in multiple service industries to include construction, building maintenance, consulting, architecture, restaurants and transportation. Upon hiring our firm, you will benefit from an established network of resources not limited to the following:

  • Location Scouting

  • Business Plan to Success

  • Service or Product Offering Financial Strategy

  • Branding, Storefront & Location Design

  • Location build-out (planning, permits, equipment, and design)

  • Point-of-Sale Consulting and Equiment

  • Evolving marketing strategy and management

  • Ongoing consulting and Exit Strategy

Our Clients

We value and work hard to retain our current clients as well as attract new prospective clients like yourself in order to grow as a company and be able to offer a wider selection of services in the future as we are always thinking ahead of today. We continually work to refine our process and methodology as well as our commitment to high level marketing strategies. Our online world is as volatile and ever changing as generations are to come, but we possess the skills, talents, and adaptability to keep users attentive to what our clients have to offer.

We excel in both predicting and analyzing market trends through intelligent analysis of current trends as well as the creation and materialization of new content and ideas completely independent of the current scene in order to create a path to the products and services we promote. Let us manage your next marketing campaign and ensure you have the best promotional advantage available, as well as the finest marketing team and talent to portray your products and services.

What else can we say, we're here to complement your business in the areas you are very well capable of learning and applying yourself, but that will most likely end in your loss of time and money and maybe the business. Let our knowledge and expertise speak for itself and we can interview each-other over coffee or lunch after you tell us all about the new customers you've acquired with your new marketing platform. Does that sound good? Fair enough.

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